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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the warranty for Datacard printers?

The warranty for Datacard printers vary from 12 months to 30 months depending on the printer model. Here’s a quick summary:

SD260, SD360, CD800, and CP80, 30-month warranty

SP25, SP55K, SP75, SR200, and SR300, 24-month warranty


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers parts and labour. Free labour is only available if the printer is shipped back to ABCorp/Datacard for repair.


When we return our printer to ABCorp or Datacard for repair, who should cover the freight costs?

The freight cost of sending the printer from the customer to ABCorp/Datacard should be covered by the customer. The freight cost of sending the printer back to the customer will be covered by Datacard or ABCorp.


What do you mean by Go Green Ribbons?

Go Green Ribbons are the new planet friendly Datacard ribbons with biodegradable cores and Intelligent Supplies Technology for enhanced performance. In order for the new supplies to work with existing Datacard desktop printers, customers will simply need to update their printer firmware. The upgrade is FREE and can be done online.


Where is the FREE printer firmware upgrade available?

The FREE printer firmware upgrade is available at There’s a step by step video on upgrading your printer firmware located at the HOW TO VIDEO section of this website.


Can I still use my old ribbons even when I have upgraded my printer firmware?



I don’t want to upgrade my printer firmware. Are there still old ribbons in stock?

Datacard stopped manufacturing the old ribbons since 2011.


Which printers need to be upgraded in order to use the new Go Green ribbons?

All current and old Datacard printer models except for the SD260, SD360, and the CD800.


Which Datacard printer has the highest resolution and has full modularity?

The Datacard CD800 printer can be set up to 1200 dpi resolution. It is also fully modular, meaning you can start with a simplex printer and then convert into a duplex printer or add additional features such as mag stripe encoding or smart card reading while protecting your investment.


Which Datacard printer should I use if I want to print images on the full size of the card?

The Datacard retransfer printers can print on the full size of the card (edge to edge printing). Please check the SR200 and SR300 printer models.


We are a small business and we will only print a few cards a month. What printer will you recommend?

The most cost effective printer that we offer is the SP25 printer. This printer can print full colour images on one side of the card and can even encode on a magnetic stripe if you require this feature. You can also avail of our entry level ID solution package (consists of the printer, ID software, web cam, and consumables) located here.


Which ID Centre version should I use if I need to connect to an SQL database?

ID Centre Silver.


I lost my ID Centre security dongle, can I order for a replacement?

When you lose your ID Centre security dongle, you also lose your ID Centre software licence. To replace your dongle, you’ll have to order a new ID Centre software with dongle located at Software\IDCentre\software only.