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Reinforce security in your facilities

Maintaining a secure environment for your employees is paramount to your business.   Protective measures such controlling access on facilities (office, meeting room, car park , or warehouse) can be implemented using a facilities management system combined with visually identifiable and personalised  access cards. 


With ABCorp’s ID Solutions, you can issue secure employee/visitor ID access cards that:

  • Integrate with your existing access control infrastructure*
  • Incorporate additional level of security by introducing different card designs/colour scheme for different access categories
  • Support instant card issuance when visitors enter your facility

There are three packages available:

  1. 1.    Easy ID 123
  2. 2.    Enterprise ID Pack
  3. 3.    Secure ID Pack


Please click here to find out the contents of the each package and pricing.

*Module for HID systems available on select printer models